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Open House

BRCF Open House - June 19, 2015

Excerpts from the Master of Ceremonies, Karin Naslund, 
Opening Remarks:

Hello, welcome and thank you for joining us this evening for our Open House Reporting and 20th Anniversary Celebration. . . .

Unlike past years, we have decided to focus on the Foundation itself through presentations on the past – Dave Stolee, the present – Blain Fowler and the future – Vivianne Grue.  You’ll hear about the how.

Before we begin, I want to tell you about why - why we do it and can’t stop doing it. 
Being on the granting committee is a humbling experience.  I have learned so much about the need in our communities- Camrose as far as Hardisty we are doing good and having impact in the lives of real people.  Here are three examples

Centra Cam received its first grant for a baler in 2000. .  They have received just over $65,000. in total.   In May I was part of a conversation with Dave Chamberlain, Centra Cam Board Chair,  and learned the impact of a grant given to the Emergency Clothing and Furniture Depot.  He identified the grant allowed them to staff the depot for four months which served the needs of 200 people each month – 800 people had their basic needs met thanks to that grant.  Where would they be without your generosity?

Secondly, the Family Violence Action Society; Camrose and District requested a $1000 grant in 2013.  I remember the impact of this application on our committee.  They asked for $1,000 to assist in decreasing their wait list for counselling for children experiencing abuse from 11 children to 3 – you see non-profit organizations ask for what is fair in light of overall community need, not what they alone could use.  Thanks to your generosity, we were able to grant them $3,000 plus a flow through of $160.  With our grant and additional resources they treated 29 kids and offered a 6 week anger management group counselling program at PACE school.

Excerpt from the BRCF Chairperson, Blain Fowler 

In 2009 after taking a huge hit in 2008, and with a total endowment of $5M, we set a goal to have $10M in the pot by the end of 2014.  We weren’t always confident that we would achieve our goal but thanks to your generosity and the performance of our investments in the last two years, at year end, 2014, the total value of our endowment was $10.4M.

In 2014 we received $912K from 920 unique donors.  We now have established 289 named funds, twenty-eight of these in the past year alone. This is a 10% increase, indicating a very healthy donor buy-in, and confirming that community spirit and the concept of personal philanthropy is alive and well throughout the area we serve.  It also tells us that we are a long way from tapping out the supply of potential donors.

On the granting side, while accumulating our $10.4M endowment, we have granted almost $3M to support worthwhile projects and initiatives throughout the Battle River Community, $680K of this in 2014 alone.  We are getting to the point that your foundation has become an incredible force for good in the community. 




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