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Open House

BRCF Open House 2018

We greatly appreciate your interest, attention and support of this Foundation event. In a world bent on focusing on bad news in every form of media, tonight it is indeed a pleasure to talk about good things.

Now Canadians, as a rule, are eager to give back to society. I have never heard anyone say:  “And half of my wealth I bequeath to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, because they have always been there for me.” 

It is important to remember that charitable giving requires careful planning and intentional choice. It is equally important to make giving as easy and straightforward as possible.  Never hesitate to speak with your professional advisor regarding your ‘giving back’ wishes. We partner with our professional advisors- lawyers, financial planners, accountants and others - to share our collective knowledge, tools and connections to assist donors, to save you time, and to make the gifting process easy.

We can never stress enough how a community foundation is most often just the right vehicle for meeting donors wishes since it can grant to all sectors far and wide and go on granting year after year thus creating a true legacy gift.

In addition, the foundation has the grant making expertise to keep giving simple and straightforward, while still accomplishing your philanthropic wishes. Whatever your passion is, BRCF exists to serve its donors; we can help you help your community.

The consistent growth of our endowment funds results from the many gifts of all and any amounts received throughout the year:

  • Planned giving, estate planning have contributed significantly to our growth over the years
  • Many donors have chosen to establish endowment funds with commitments of $1000 per year over 10 years or more
  • Donations/gifts for special occasions, BDs, anniversaries
  • Memorial gifts

Our goal is always to encourage and to welcome all donations, great and small as donors give according to their own ability and desire. Remember if you think you are too small to be effective, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito!

2017 was a milestone year for the BRCF as we exceeded the $5 million in grants made since our inception, all of which go to strengthening all aspects of community life.  In the past year alone, there were 20 new endowment funds established, some of which involved estate gifts and were the direct result of client/professional advisor consultations.

The Foundation’s assets are approaching $15million, ensuring an ongoing legacy of giving. There is much to celebrate!

Now each year at our Open House we invite donors and recipients to share their stories of how the BRCF has impacted their being. It is always heartwarming to hear their stories.

Thank you all again for your generous support and continued good works in building a philanthropic mindset. I invite each of you to spread the good news, to friends and family, to invite worthy grant applications to be sent in, to invite others as donors who wish to give back and are looking for the right vehicle. You are our best supporters and promoters.  Word of mouth is a powerful thing; help us widen the circle of giving.

For more information be sure to pick up an annual report, call the office or speak to any one of us. 

Together we make a difference for good!

Chair – Vivianne Grue



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