Tax Benefits

Canadians are eligible for non-refundable charitable donation tax credits for donations made to Canadian charities which can significantly offset income or estate taxes.

The Foundation encourages you to consult with your professional advisors regarding larger donations for information and advice specific to your individual tax and/or estate planning needs and situation.

For Alberta residents earning up to $200,000, the combined Federal and Provincial Charitable Tax Credits as of 2017 has been an outstanding 50% for donations above $200. See the Government of Canada’s Charitable donation tax credit rates page.

When considering generous tax benefits available to Canadians, especially Albertans, the actual realised cost of establishing funds or making larger gifts to the Foundation may be much less.

* The Foundation is not qualified to provide specific tax or estate planning advice and cannot guarantee any specific tax benefit. Please consult with your professional advisors regarding expected tax benefits and regulations.

Please visit:

The Government of Canada Revenue Agency for detailed information and listing of charitable donation tax credit rates, determining eligible amounts, and the General Income Tax and Benefits Guide.

The Government of Canada for general tax information including charities and giving.