Grants & Scholarships

Over $8,697,700 been distributed in grants to charitable organizations and municipalities which help create opportunities for local people and communities to succeed.


The Foundation’s primary purpose is to accept donations, invest the donations and grant the investment income according to the wishes of donors. Grants are given out on an annual basis to various charitable organizations and municipalities.

Grants from each fund held by the Foundation are given according to the terms of an agreement setting up the fund. There are several fund types. Many Funds held by the Foundation allow investment income to be granted by an application process which allows the Foundation flexibility to continually respond to the changing needs within the communities we serve. These grants are awarded for definite purposes and for projects covering a specific time period. Innovative solutions and preventive actions are welcome.

The deadline for grant applications is August 15 each year. Grant decisions are made prior to the calendar yearend.


Scholarships funded by the Battle River Community Foundation are primarily administered by individual school boards in the Foundation service area and by Canadian post-secondary institutions in accordance with donor wishes specified in individual fund agreements.

The Rudy and Flora Baker Scholarship in Medicine is administered by the Foundation. The Scholarship is Medicine is awarded annually to a graduate of a high school in the Battle River School region who is enrolled in a medical doctor program in an accredited Canadian medical school.